Monday, June 3, 2013

The Perfect Bread Knife

I graduated last month from school and as a graduation gift, my sweet wife bought me a bread knife. As things have been so busy here, I was only able to get around to using it last night!


It cuts so perfectly and so smoothly that I dont think I will every use another knife for bread cutting again. I just wish I could use it for spreading butter too!
The company that makes this specific knife is based in Seattle. They are called "Pedrohm Woodworking by Lee Strohm." You can find all her information here:

 Lee usually has a booth set up at Pike Place Market and makes a WONDERFUL knife (along with other handcrafted wood items for the kitchen). The body of my knife is made of Walnut but Lee uses many different woods that are just as pretty.
The thing that got me about these knives (quite litterally "got me," I cut myself the first day I had it) was the blade. They are very sharp and actually come with a cover for safe storage.

Though Lee does not sell directly online through any websites I figured I would give links here, here
 and below of where you can find a similar knife like the one I have. Enjoy!