Monday, June 3, 2013

Sourdough Giveaway Part 2

I know that it has taken a long time but the moment has finally come. It is time to send out the sourdough starter! Congratulations Whitney and Eric... You will be receiving your starters soon!

This post will explain how to grow your sourdough starter so that you will never run out. It will also help in case you want to give some of your starter to others.
First, take your starter and add one cup of flour. This can be any type of flour... wheat, white, dyed, undyed... it simply does not matter!
Next, add one cup of water. Be sure to mix this well to allow the starter to grow.
You will notice over a few days or weeks that the starter will develope a film on the top. Before you add your flour and water BE SURE TO REMOVE THIS FILM as it may slow down the growth of your starter. Just pour it out in the sink and your ready to go.
Sourdough Recipies!