Bio: Brothers Three

Artisan - An artisan is a person who engages in or practices a craft. An Artisan may, through experience, practice and talent, reach the expressive levels of an artist using his hand, mind and heart in his work and what he creates.

We are three brothers who have grown up to be very close.  We grew up with hand tools working on projects with our father, building tables, guitars, and dabbling in everything we could.  Glued to the television as kids we only watched cooking and fishing shows.  We spent our days catching frogs in the pond and building rafts on the lake in the back yard.  We are considered to be well rounded people who try and do as much as we can in as many areas as we can. We grew up in New Hampshire and slowly we have all migrated to Utah.  We have taken to smoking meats, meat curing, sausage making, cheese aging, bread baking, hunting, fishing, and everything everything else we can get into.  From smoking and curing meats, to making cheeses, to shaving and woodworking, we do it all!! We want to show the artisan way to all we can!

Unfortunately, none of us are professionally trained cooks, hunters, cheese mongers, or anything else for that matter so sometimes our experiments with things go terribly wrong (like our  attempt at home-made red wine vinegar), but just the experiences and learning along the way make it all worth it.

We started this blog to spread our joy and share our learning about the interests that we have enjoyed sharing with each other! Enjoy our adventures as we go about exploring how things used to be and frankly how things should be.  Feel free to comment, post and share your artisan experiences with us.

There is no one way to do it but there is a right way and that is the artisan way!

Jay, P, and "The Rooster"